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Nyssa Nite Rodeo

June 16th and 17th, 2023

2019 NNR Queen Brogan

Hey there!

It's your 2019 Miss Nyssa Nite Rodeo Queen Brogan Bair. I'm looking forward to a great year representing the Nyssa Nite Rodeo! Only 362 days left to go so i'd better introduce myself!

I was born and raised in Malheur County. I grew up with a passion for playing in the dirt, crafts and anything and everything to do with horses! I loved showing horses in 4H and now help out the kids in the Cactus Riders 4H club. I'm a full time student at TVCC, majoring in horse production and equine buisness while working at Clothes for Does and Reload Consignment. On my "free time" I enjoy training; my colts at home, painting, hunting, fishing, working on the ranch, playing volleyball with friends and just about anything outside.

What's a cowgirl without a horse? My noble steed, Journey; who has served proudly as a turquoise Clothes for Does Unicorn for the past couple months is known for his "prince charming" type personality. He loves kids and prancing down parade routes. His recently-discovered favorite activity includes buzzing arenas. He loves to show off - especially with his assortment of tricks.

Now that you know us a bit better, we look forward to representing the NNR and the greatest sport on dirt!